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Automatic and Manual Bin Sorters

The Manual and the Automatic Bin Sorters are Elsag Datamat multi-tier bin Letter Sorting Machines.

While the Manual Bin Sorter (MBS) requires manual sweeping, the Automatic Bin Sorter (ABS) automatically sweeps, wraps and labels letter bundles, with no need for human intervention.

Ergonomic principles have been applied to the design of both machines, to provide simple loading of mail pieces and facilitate operation/control. These features, along with high processing rates and efficient sweeping, reduce the total amount of time required to complete the sorting process.

In brief, these products are specifically designed to operate in postal facilities where quality and prompt delivery are the keys to improving service.

The MBS and ABS complete Elsag Datamat range of letter mail sorting products, flanking the single tier stacker units and the BIPIANO (two tier stacker letter sorter).

In order to optimize sweeping operations, in the MBS bins are designed to provide top quality letter stacking and best ergonomic grasp for operators.

In the ABS, instead, bins are designed to optimize the grasp of robot pliers. Moreover, to reduce footprint, bins are distributed over 10 tiers: a sweeping subsystem performs fully automatic bundle sweeping and wrapping.

In case of final sweeping at the end of a processing shift, all the robots operate simultaneously to sweep the machine very rapidly. Each bundle arrives from the conveyor system and is automatically wrapped, labelled and finally dumped into suitable containers or carts.
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