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Greece - Athens Sorting Center

The Attica Sorting center, in Athens, is the largest postal center in Greece, handing 50% of national mail pieces for almost 30% of the Greek population.
The facility was designed and built according to Elsag Datamat specifications to optimize mail sorting procedures in production areas.

Mechanization Systems
  • 1 CFC (Culler Facer Canceller) for mail preparation;
  • 3 LCSM (Letter Coding and Sorting Machines) with 36 two-tier stackers for letter coding and pre-sorting;
  • 3 LSM (Letter Sorting Machines) with 304 two-tier stackers for final letter sorting;
  • 1 CFSM (Compact Flat Sorting Machines) with 252 tray outlets for flat coding and sorting;
  • 1 PSM (Parcel Sorting Machines) with 120 container outlets for packet sorting;
  • 1 MH (Material Handling System) for automatic tray management;
  • Ancillary Equipment.
IT Systems
  • SISC (Integrated Coding Services System);
  • MIS (Management Information System).
  • Support for Building Design;
  • Layout Design;
    - Plant Macro-Layout Design;
    - Micro-Layout of Workplaces;
  • Postal Flow Study;
  • Operations Design;
  • Change Management (management of transition from manual to automatic processing);
  • Human resources planning,
  • Training;
  • Operating Plans;
  • Technical Support;
  • Maintenance;
  • Management Support;
  • Call desk / Help Desk;
  • Design and execution of plant engineering.
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