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Two-tier stacker letter sorting system

The BIPIANO is the Elsag Datamat two-tier letter sorting machine: a reliable, flexible, ergonomic and “easy to operate” system, designed to sort and sequence large mail volumes at minimum operating cost.

The BIPIANO provides the best compromise between both one-tier stacker sorters and multi-tier solutions: in fact it is of course more compact than a one-tier machine, and has the same footprint of a multi-tier machine plus its tray shelves. Moreover, in two-tier stacker sorters, empty or half filled trays are retained in the machine so that operators are not required to turn each time they sweep a bundle.

The BIPIANO, originally commissioned in 2004, is the first two-tier letter sorting machine to be deployed in a live postal environment.

Key Features

Summary for the elsag datamat solution

  • Two stacker tiers
    The sorter dimensions are designed to provide the optimum operating level based on ergonomic and functional studies conducted.
  • High outlet stacking capacity and versatility of operations
    High stacker capacity (500 and 370 mm) means the BIPIANO can be used in Pre-sorting, Final Sorting andSequencing contexts .
  • Low cost
    Total cost of ownership is minimized throughout the system's life cycle. The modular design - 12 outlets per module - increases potential to optimize the overall cost for investment, operations and spaces.
  • Designed to improve efficiency, effectiveness, ergonomics and evolution

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