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Compact Flat Sorter Machine Active (CFSMActive)

The right solution

The new Compact Flat Sorter Machine Active (CFSMActive) is the most compact and flexible system of the category that Elsag Datamat designed to sort flat mail with improved availability and increased throughput.

The efficiency and consolidation of this machine, together with its great success in the market, have induced Elsag Datamat to improve its performances thanks to the addition of an innovative technology: the new CFSMActive was born.

Designed to handle the full range of flat mail types, including newspapers, magazines, catalogues, advertising mail, plastic wrapped and flimsy objects, CFSMActive deals with all the postal process phases, from feeding to sequencing through canceling, coding, indexing, advertise printing, tray handling and process monitoring, and makes the dropping time fixed, minimizing, in this way, the duty cycle.

This machine represents the best choice for traffic plants of low and middle dimensions, where quality and prompt delivery are the keywords to target a high level service.

Key Features
  • Space and Operational savings
    The Two-Level and Two Sides outlets solution allows the CFSMActive to be the most compact Flat Sorter in the market. Automatic and Manual Infeeds may be fitted to either end of the sorter, allowing high flexibility in inserting this machine in Sorting Center cramped bays.
  • Modular, flexible design
    CFSMActive features a completely modular design and a wide range of accessories which allows the customer to tailor the best solution according to processing needs: Address Recognition System (OCR and on-line/off-line remote Video Coding System), fluorescent and B/W code printers, logo printers, plastic detector, label applicator, etc.
  • Excellent Ergonomics
    The manual sweeping of both the upper and lower outlets is easy and ergonomic. Full and empty trays can be conveyed by Tray Handling Systems.
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