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Elsag Datamat OCR System (EDOS)

Elsag Datamat has developed EDOS the system capable of detecting and reading all the relevant information for performing the on-line automated mail coding and sorting.
The system is equipped with hardware and software architecture for high-speed and high-performance automatic mail processing. Additional functions allow the system to detect, collect and process more information elements and attributes for offline processing.
Built-in Address Database translation starts from source format (XML language) and ends into machine data.

Key Features

EDOS is equipped with the following main functional components:
  • VIPP80 (Video Image Processor): scans the mail item face, generating a high-quality electronic image for the automated or manual mail coding High-speed High-performance.
  • SLIM (multi-line address recognition system): detects and reads all the relevant information for performing the automated on-line mail coding and sorting, plus offline full Indicia processing.
  • SIXlib (SLIM Indicia eXtended library): collection of software modules for processing barcodes, symbols, marks, logos, all kinds of attributes.
The system components are integrated into the ED's coding infrastructure (the ED's ICS product). Open interfaces (CEN standards) are available for connecting to any other external environment
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