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Elsag Datamat: experience and innovation at the service of modern postal administrations 2007
October 03st, 2007

Elsag Datamat, created in 2007 with the integration of Elsag and Datamat, is the business concern established to act as a centre of excellence for the design and production of systems, services and solutions in postal and industrial automation, security, defence & space, transport and information technology. Elsag Datamat is a Finmeccanica company, Italy’s leading industrial group in advanced technology and one of the worlds most influential players in the space and defence electronics sectors (58,000 employees, of whom 16,000 outside Italy, and total revenues of EUR 12 billion in 2006).
Elsag Datamat can draw on an extended professional pool of 4,000 human resources, in addition to the technology, know-how and skills to work in critical contexts, an innovative mentality as is demonstrated by ongoing investment in research and development, and in-depth knowledge about postal processes gained over more than thirty years working in the sector. These special features make Elsag Datamat one of a select few companies able to satisfy all the needs of modern postal administrations in automation, logistics and security.
Innovation, internationalisation and the ability to integrate are the pillars on which the strategy pursued by Finmeccanica and Elsag Datamat rests, as well as the key features of our products, systems and services, based on core competences in technology that allow us to build lasting added value partnerships both with our customers and suppliers.
On the postal innovation front, Elsag Datamat has recently developed the Shingle Letter Sequencer (SLS), the only solution in the world that performs the sequencing process in just two passes and fully automatically.
It was this innovative development that won Elsag Datamat the contract to supply two pilot systems to the Spanish postal service. This initiative runs parallel to the promotion of the system with the Italian Postal Service, and a similar prototype has been installed and tested in Turin and Bari.

Another confirmation of our excellence in technology comes from the German Postal Service, which after praising Elsag’s “Bipiano” technology, has now engaged the company to draw up design specifications for a two-tier letter sorting machine, in view of possible future collaboration on the renewal of the equipment in its network of postal sorting centres.

Elsag Datamat’s recent successes in the supply of turnkey sorting centres in Russia and Greece also demonstrate the company’s focus on internationalisation.
In Greece, after completing the two sorting centres in Athens for the Greek postal service, in 2006 the company signed another contract worth more than EUR 13 million for the supply of the Thessaloniki and Patras sorting centres.
All concurrently with the commissioning of the main sorting facility in Athens.
In Russia, in addition to the mechanised system in Moscow, Elsag Datamat has recently been awarded a new contract for a hybrid mail system comprising the national management centre in Moscow and two printing and enveloping facilities in the capital and in St. Petersburg.
Finally, Elsag Datamat’s system integration skills have recently been drawn on in the development of an integrated management system for the entire Poste Italiane logistics network, able to coordinate the concurrent management of physical processes (induction, sorting, transport, delivery), information processes (multi-channel user access, process control, tracking & tracing, etc.) and physical and logical security issues.
This makes Elsag Datamat a qualified technology partner to meet new challenges in the postal market with its international clients: deregulation, concentration and the digital evolution of traditional postal services.


Michele Fracchiolla

Vice President Automation, Security and Transport Division

System Integration

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