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A new concept: Global Tracking
October 02th, 2007

In an evolving postal market, over the last decade the use of conventional mail has held up better than expected. However, even though conventional mail continues to represent a significant portion of the total, the mix has changed, with strong growth in the Business to Consumer segment.
Against this backdrop, postal services are on one hand facing increasingly global competition for key clients who can move significant volumes of traffic, and on the other growing market demand for a tailor made offering, in addition to rising price pressure from large mailers, often accompanied by requests for substantial volume discounts.
In this market customers are pressing increasingly hard for innovation in value added services. Similarly, the quality of service concept is becoming increasingly personalised to meet the specific business needs of individual clients, while the contractual power of business clients continues to squeeze prices, particularly for traditional delivery services.
Global Tracking represents the technology-based solution developed by Elsag Datamat for these situations: a framework that integrates mechanised systems, IT systems and a network of sensors that cooperate to optimise logistics processes, monitor service quality, develop value added services and implement revenue protection.
Global Tracking assists Elsag Datamat’s international clients in the end-to-end management and control of the entire postal logistics chain, with a view to containing operating costs and optimising investments in infrastructure, without impacting negatively on service quality.
This paradigm, involving the integration of mechanised sorting systems with IT systems that recognise address/indicia and perform logistics tracking, makes it possible to design a flexible, efficient, synchronised, planned and managed postal network at both local and central level.
Global Tracking therefore empowers clients to provide innovative value added services, which are vital to support postal business profitability, to compete on another basis than simply price and to check business customer postal traffic consistency/authenticity systematically, without impacting too heavily on operations (revenue protection).
Centrally, a control room gathers, standardises and processes heterogeneous data and information in an integrated environment, in order to monitor, control and manage sites and networks.
The goal of the control room is to provide postal administrations with an integrated set of functions in a single environment to monitor processes, track events, administer system diagnostics from a remote location, guarantee business continuity and manage physical and logical security.
In the security area, the control room addresses the main challenge for postal administrations: shifting the focus of management from predominantly on physical security, to an approach based on a single national security operation & control centre that deals with security issues relating to infrastructure (sorting centres, post offices), transport, data (financial transactions, accounting data, tracking databases, large client data) and communications (postal IT applications, servers, data transmission networks).
Drawing on its own and Finmeccanica group industrial and technological expertise, Elsag Datamat works with postal administrations as a global security partner, offering not only comprehensive, integrated solutions, but also consulting addressed to hardening protection systems, evolving management processes and changing the attitude and awareness of personnel to security issues in full compliance with regulations and policies in force, and consistently with international standards.
In conclusion, the products and professional services provided by Elsag Datamat enable postal administrations to introduce an organic and effective approach to logistics and security issues, with solutions that are tailor made to reflect their missions, cultures and processes, in order to pursue innovation, increase profit and reduce risks, by protecting personnel, investments and services from criminal and terrorist threat, as well as from fraud and abuse perpetrated by third parties or insiders.


Andrea Campora

Vice President International Sales - Elsag Datamat

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