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Elsag experience in the postal automation field dates back to the mid-1960s. After initial experience in postal code design and specific development of mail sorting machines, in 1973 Poste Italiane awarded Elsag a contract to implement the complete network of primary and secondary sorting centers in Italy. The contract also covered building design and construction, allowing Elsag to gain extensive experience managing large global projects in the postal sector as Prime Contractor.

Under the terms of the contract, between 1974 and 1985, Elsag was responsible for the construction of 25 major sorting centers, including buildings, equipment, start-up and technical assistance. These buildings are still in use today and Poste Italiane has recently engaged Elsag to renew the mail automation equipment contained in them. This contract, which starts the New Italian Postal Network project, was awarded in April 2002 and includes the manufacture and installation of newly designed postal equipment intended to replace the old machines in existing buildings. In 2002 Elsag awarded also the contract to design and build the Attica Sorting Center in Athens, the largest postal center in Greece.

The year 2004 is characterized by two important successes: ELTA chose Elsag for the supply of the international mail sorting center located near Athens airport, in the framework of the refurbishment program for the city's main infrastructures in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games. Furthermore in the same year Elsag awarded the contract to supply the Moscow turnkey sorting center.

On the postal innovation front, in the recent years Elsag has developed the Shingled Letter Sequencer, the only solution in the world that performs the sequencing process in just two passes and fully automatically. Thanks to this innovative development in 2006 Elsag awarded the contract to supply two pilot systems to Correos, initiative that runs parallel to the promotion of the system with Poste Italiane.

In 2006 Elsag scored another success in Greece: in fact after completing the two sorting centres in Athens for Hellenic Post ELTA, the company signed another contract for the supply of the Thessaloniki and Patras sorting centres.

Other confirmations of Elsag’s excellence in technology comes from Deutsche Post, which after praising Elsag’s “Bipiano” technology, in November 2006 has now engaged the company to draw up design specifications for a two-tier letter sorting machine.

In 2007 Elsag Datamat was created with the integration of Elsag and Datamat. This new Finmeccanica reality represents the business concern established to act as a centre of excellence for the design and the production of systems, services and solutions in postal and industrial automation, security, defence & space, transport and information technology.

After the fusion, Elsag Datamat has been awarded a new contract in Russia for a hybrid mail system and a second in Italy, belonging to the New Italian Postal Network project, to extend the integration between the sorting lines, opening the way towards the sequencing process.

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