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Hybrid Mail (HMS)

The Hybrid Mail System (HMS) provided by Elsag Datamat is the result of its experience in the postal sector: the fundamental concepts and processes of the traditional postal service have been optimized and automated in order to deal with electronic mail as far as possible in the postal streamline. That’s to say that most of the costs involved in the physical handling of traditional paper mail are cut using hybrid mail, since the data are electronic and handled in real time till the last phase of the process, when the data are printed on paper and physically delivered to the recipient.

Elsag Datamat HMS is independent from hardware vendors: it has a wide catalogue of drivers that enables it to control the printing and finishing equipment from the major hardware suppliers .

Key Features

Elsag Datamat HMS receives electronic data from customers, creates the text of the letters adding graphic resources (logos, signatures, dynamic charts, etc.) and then, in a site close to their final destination, prints, envelopes and delivers them to the carrier for final delivery. The system is very flexible and can meet customers' requirements in terms of data structure and document creation as well as document management with the complete suite of applications for archiving, address cleaning, reverse hybrid, certification and data encryption.

This system is characterized by the following functional features:
  • creation of different kinds of mail: letters, printed matters, bills, priority mail, registered mail, registered mail acknowledgement;
  • management of users customized material: user envelopes, user paper, use of pre printed enclosures;
  • management of various printing systems and finishing;
  • acceptance of users data in any format and in any structure;
  • printing in black and white, high light color and full color;
  • printing on various formats and types of papers;
  • adaptability to various types of envelopes with variable number and position of windows.

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