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Integrated Buffer System (IBS)

The Integrated Buffer System (IBS) is the Elsag Datamat system capable of integrating streamed postal operations performed by different mail processing units through automatic sorting, buffering and routing systems: therefore the IBS completely automates the mail transfer processes between the input and output machines, managing the storage and release of flows waiting to be videocoded.

IBS represents the right choice in order to reduce labour, eliminate tray mis-labelling and mis-feeds, reduce mail cycle time and monitor the process in efficient way.

Key Features

The IBS receives mail from upstream input machines (CFC or sorting systems with image lifter, for example), pre-sorts it, stages it and routes mail to the right final Sorting Systems downstream. Continuous mail flow, under IBS operation, completely eliminates human intervention between process phases.

The IBS is able to connect 1 input machine to 1 output one ("one to one" configuration), 2 input machines to 2 output machines ("two to two" configuration) or, more generally, "m" input machines to "n" output machines.

The Sequencing Process with IBS

Even though the native function of the IBS is to integrate the entire sorting process, this system can also be used to perform sequencing with no extra investment.

As well as the SLS, the IBS takes advantage of the Shingle Technology, the innovative solution for mail transport and stocking between the various processing units in the same plant. This technology, developed and patented by Elsag Datamat, manages letters as groups of streamed objects which have been "shingled" by pinch belts.

With the IBS, the sequencing process takes place in two stages.

The first stage corresponds to the pre-sorting phase, in which mail is grouped into batches.
The second one corresponds to the sequencing process: in this phase the system operates as two machines coupled in series, implementing an automatic pipelined process in which the feeding and sorting steps of a batch entering the Buffer, previously loaded by an operator, is parallel in time with the automatic feeding and sorting of the previous mail batch in system itself. This feature doubles the efficiency of the Sorting Systems and reduces the number of operators required by half.
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