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Integrated Coding System (ICS)

The Integrated Coding Services (ICS) is the fully modular and scalable software infrastructure developed by Elsag Datamat for Postal Automation.

ICS manages mail objects lifecycle from first data capture to delivery at the final destination. This involves a strong coupling between the physical processes of mail acquisition and sorting and the dynamics of business logic rules.

This system is configurable in a wide range of solutions: from basic mail address resolution systems (machine dedicated) to an integrated framework of value-generating services.

ICS has been designed to adapt and interface to the existing environment of each Postal Operator. Its interfacing capabilities have been already proved in many European automation environments with non proprietary image acquisition and sorting machines, as well as with non proprietary central directory management systems, mail information and production management systems.

Key Features
ICS functional architecture can be divided into three different layers:
  • Coding Layer
    ICS performs all mail item identification and image processing functions. It supports all the coding activity for both non-tagged and tagged mail pieces in letter and flat formats. Identification of the objects can be internally generated by physical tagging (even multi type) or based on pre-existing indicia.
  • Local Supervision Layer
    ICS performs mail attributes gathering and local storage, supervision and control for processes and operations. This system can manage local and/or central databases containing all individual postal objects information, events and processing information with supplementary attributes.
    Moreover, it offers the infrastructure for additional value added services, according to each Postal Operators requirements. For this reason, ICS can manage multiple external interfaces to many types of proprietary or non proprietary systems providing customer services (future or in development).
  • Central Administration Layer
    ICS performs the overall network process administration, supervision and management of underlying system IT infrastructure.
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