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International Mail System

Elsag Datamat has developed a suite of ICT applications to provide support for international mail management, by handling all the operating, logistics and administrative needs of postal services.

Its functions are grouped into three different application environments:
  • international exchange office
  • accounting;
  • claims.
The International Mail system is distributed over a multi-tier architecture, with centralized applications - running on a server farm usually located at the postal administration's headquarters - and a peripheral infrastructure of workstations installed in post office operations areas which connect to the remote server farm.

Key Features
  • International Exchange Offices
    The system provides operating support in critical areas, such as international exchange offices and airport hubs, where the procedures involved are both complex and onerous, and where the time available to perform the operative/administrative cycle is limited. The application functions provided by the International Mail system make it possible to improve the operating efficiency of the work team and accurately monitor the flows of international mail exchanged between postal administrations and handling operators.
  • Accounting
    The system manages book-keeping activities for the post exchanged by partner nations and produces the documentation required, all in full compliance with the rules fixed by the REIMS agreements.
  • The core functions of the Accounting system are:
    • measurement of international mail volumes exchanged;
    • sampling of post sent to and from signatory countries to the REIMS agreements or members of the UPU (Universal Postal Union);
    • calculation of fees (REIMS compliant).
  • Claims
    The claims management system for late deliveries and other service issues, arising in the handling of international mail, records all claims raised by users centrally and automatically on the basis of reports received from the postal administration call centre. The system then distributes these claims to peripheral systems for handling by the appropriate operators.
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