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Multisorting Suite

The Multisorting Suite is the most innovative series of machines developed by Elsag Datamat. It has been developed in order to offer a complete solution to the market of Postal Administrations, Couriers,DistributionIndustry, Airports, and, more generally, of all those who need to sort items like letters and packages.

This suite of products offers the possibility to handle different types of objects, with different size (from small-sized envelopes and parcels, to packs, baggage and containers) in an integrated way.

Thanks to this line of systems, Elsag Datamat can offer a valuable solution to small and medium-sized sorting centres, where the amount of objects with different sizes and/or the variation in time of the postal flow do not represent a sufficient reason to justify operatively and economically the supply of sorting machines dedicated to every kind of mail.

The suite is composed by the following systems:
  • Plurisorter machine for letters/flat, packs and parcels
  • arcel sorting machine (PMS), for parcels and containers
  • BHS sorting machine, for baggage
Key Features

Focus on “cross belt technology”

All the machines belonging to this series are based on the "cross belt" movement technology, characterized by transport cells, which move along a ring path, and belts, which move perpendicularly to the motion, in order to enable the controlled loading and unloading of the transported items. This is the most used technology for transporting and sorting of different kinds of parcels, containers and baggage: therefore, it offers a high degree of appropriateness and flexibility to the automation needs of the different reference markets (Post, Couriers, Airports, Industry).

  • easy configuration of the path
  • opportunity to vary the amount and the position of the induction lines and exits
  • availability of different kinds of exits
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