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Mail Flow Measurement Station

During the last years the requirement of developing reliable solutions able to automatically identify the flows of mail to be measured turned out to be not deferrable any more.
To fulfill this target Elsag Datamat has developed the Mail Flows Measurement Station, a special kind of workstation conceived to be used as subsidiary equipment to the Elsag Datamat PLS (Production Logistic Support System) as well as a stand alone workstation.

Key Features

The Mail Flows Measurement Station captures the information related to the mail in trays and roll containers entering a Sorting Center, departing from a Sorting Center or moving from an operational area to another within the Center's premises. Mail Trays and Roll Containers contain several information whose knowledge allows to fulfill production monitoring and tracking purposes. The principal ones are:
  • class of mail held (Priority, Registered etc.)
  • destination of the unit (Other Regions, Local Urban Area etc.)
  • origin (mail from letterboxes, from pre-sorting area, from Customer)
  • weight of every tray (statistic or acquired) and global weight of the unit
  • Unique Id. distinguishing every tray and the roll container and chosen according to the needs and the models of process required. Basically it is a barcode applied on every tray and roll container. Moreover RF tags, embedded into the trays and the roll units, can be used too, for a completely effortless process of capturing.
After being elaborated by the main PLS System, data collected are made available to the Operations Director. The key indicators of the mechanized and manual processes taking place in the center that must to be controlled are shown in a sort of computerized "dash-board".
The Mail Flows Measurement Station can also be installed as a stand alone equipment (i.e. not as a subsidiary device of the PLS) devoted to classify, for basic statistic purposes, the main flows of mail entering a Sorting Center. In this way Postal Institution can easily set up reliable data bases pertaining to the volumes of mail (from Business Customers, from Letterboxes, from Rural Post Offices etc.) interesting a certain Sorting center in the various periods of the year.
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