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Mail Processing systems

Mail Processing Systems are a suite of products for mechanised mail handling and the management of process support services.

Letter mail processing systems (configurable letter pre-sorting, sorting and sequencing machines):

  • Bipiano: two-tier stacker letter sorting system. Flexible, ergonomic and with a small footprint, it combines high performance with reduced operating costs.
  • Automatic & Manual Bin Sorter: this multi-level bin sorter, with optional robot emptying, automatically empties bins and prepares/labels bundles, limiting human intervention to a few, brief operations and delivering significant savings in operating costs.
  • Shingled Letter Sequencer: this compact letter sequencer, based on innovative technology patented by Elsag Datamat, totally automates the sequencing process, delivering both high performance and maximum flexibility. Designed to operate both in sorting centres and delivery offices.

Flat mail processing systems:

  • Flat Sorter Machine: this machine sorts flat mail items, including newspapers, magazines, advertising brochures and packages, covering all phases in the sorting process, from coding through to sequencing. 

Packets and parcels processing systems:

  • Plurisorter: this is the most innovative product in the Elsag Datamat offering. It can sort items of various sizes, from letters through to packets. Versatile and efficient, it is ideally suited to mid-to-small volume centres. 
  • Parcel Sorter: this robust and easy to maintain sorter handles even large parcels and containers, and has a scalable, configurable layout. 

Material Handling systems:

  • Integrated Buffer System: the mail accumulation buffer connects the preparation and recognition lines with the sorting lines. Optimises the videocoding process and manages letter routing between lines.
  • Tray Material Handling System

Standard Interfaces:

  • OCR system: this high performance optical recognition system acquires the images of mail items, as well as interpreting the relevant process data and useful information for the supply of value added services.
  • Integrated Coding Services: integrated management solution for coding services (OCR, videocoding) and the supervision and control of local and networked processes.
  • Sorting Address Management system: centralised system to generate and manage driver data for coding services (address directories) and mechanised systems (sorting programmes).
Mail Processing Systems
Automatic & Manual Bin Sorter (ABS/MBS)
Shingled Letter Sequencer (SLS)
Compact Flat Sorter Machine (CFSM)
Multisorting suite
Integrated Buffer System (IBS)
Tray Material Handling
Elsag Datamat OCR System (EDOS)
Integrated Coding System (ICS)
Sorting Address Management system (SAM)
Logistics Systems
Security & Control Systems

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