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Italy - Milan Sorting Center

The Milan P.B. Sorting center is the most important node in the Italian postal network. This cutting edge postal center provides fully automated mail processing and currently handles about 25% of Italian mail traffic.

Sorting center Supply - Postal Mechanization and Logistics
  • 4 Integrated Systems (SIACS – Integrated System for Mail Buffering, Coding and Sorting)
    Each SIACS comprises:
    1 input CFC Machine, with Culling-Facing-Cancelling section, feeder for pre-culled mail, Image Lifter, ID print section, stackers for mail presorting and local rejects;
    1 input OCR / VCS Machine, with feeder for pre-culled mail (from large mailers), Image Lifter, ID printer, barcode printer, stackers for mail presorting and local rejects;
    1 STAR (System for Transport, Accumulation and Routing) providing the link between machine input and output:
      - presorting according to mail attributes, status and destination;
      - delay for online VCS service;
      - storage for mail requiring offline VCS service;
      - routing of mail to the proper final output sorter;
    2 output LSM Machines, with local feeder for presorted mail, barcode printing section, high capacity output stackers, automatic bin sweeping;
  • 1 CFSM-R (Compact Flat Sorting Machine) for processing Registered/Certified Mail, with 2 Automatic Induction Stations, tray management system, secure control of processed dispatches (tray manifest production), connection to the national Tracking & Tracing system;
  • 1 CFSM (Compact Flat Sorting Machine) for Flat Mail processing, with 2 Automatic Induction Stations and tray management system;
  • 1 Material & Tray Handling System;
  • Plant Engineering and related equipment.
Sorting center supply - Postal Information Systems
  • SISC: Integrated Coding Services System for Letters, Flats and Registered items;
  • National Priority Mail: recording, processing and tracing of priority national mail dispatches;
  • Tracking & Tracing: for registered/certified and insured dispatches across the entire national territory;
  • MIS: Management Information System;
  • Quality Management System;
  • Electronic / Hybrid Mail;
  • Network link to Remote Videocoding centers in Italy.
  • Layout Design;
  • Operations Project;
  • Human resources planning;
  • Training;
  • Operating Plans;
  • Technical Support;
  • Maintenance;
  • Call desk / Help Desk;
  • Design and execution of plant engineering
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