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Postal Counter

Elsag Datamat has developed a Postal/Banking Counter application that represents an easy, complete and reliable access to postal and banking services, all based on a complex network that involves post-offices and alternative channels (internet, kiosks, mobile phones, etc.). This application satisfies the following characteristics:
  • Integrated: fully interoperable and designed to take advantage of all potential applications synergies avoiding "system islands" ex-post connected, through a "native integration" of all components;
  • Scalable: defined within an architecture that supports current as well as future business needs;
  • Modular: composed by different modules in order to meet each potential functional requirement;
  • Customer Focused: aligned with processes and policies that ensure high level service quality and accessibility (multi-channel approach);
  • Operational Efficient & Reliable: easy to be maintained and upgraded, with reusable components, monitored by management and control tools with measurable performance metrics, with disaster recovery systems to support critical applications.
Also thanks to Elsag Datamat solutions (for both Front & Back Office functionalities), Poste Italiane has developed a lot of traditional and innovative services in the 14,000 Post Offices all over the country. Italian network is one of the most pervasive frameworks in the world.

Functonal Features
  • Financial and banking transactions (money order, retirement fund payment, utilities bills payment, tax payment, etc.)
  • Mail acceptance procedures (automatic weighing, postage automatic calculation, data acquisition for value added services, postal code check, admissibility control, etc.)
  • Back office tracking & logistics activities (on-line operational checklists, customized auto-detection system for invalid payments and account numbers, backup and archiving of mission critical data through disaster recovery procedures, etc.).
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