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The personal information contained in the Elsag Datamat website is not classified as "sensitive" under the terms of Italian law 675, 31.12.1996 and subsequent amendments and as such does not require authorisation to be processed. Users are advised and acknowledge that the information contained in the Elsag Datamat website, while not constituting a trade secret, is and shall remain the property of Elsag Datamat. Users undertake to use or process said information compatibly.

All personal information or email delivered to the site by users is handled in accordance with current legislation and, in particular, the entire content of the Elsag Datamat site and any material posted to it is processed according to the security measures adopted by Elsag Datamat to guarantee compliance with D.P.R. 318/99. Responsibility for personal information processing in Elsag Datamat is held by the company in the person of its legal representative, to whom all communications and notice must be addressed.

N.B. (if applicable) Accessing the site provides a guarantee to users that their names shall be kept confidential. No other user can in any way verify which users have previously accessed the site, the pages they have visited or the information they have examined.

Users also accept that their names will be stored in the Elsag Datamat database for the sole and exclusive purpose of receiving updates and other information on the company. If at any time users no longer wish to receive further information from Elsag Datamat and want to remove their names from the database, they must inform Elsag Datamat in writing. Elsag Datamat undertakes to remove their names from the database and inform them of the fact. In any case, users have all the rights indicated in art. 13 of Italian law 675, 31.12.1996 and subsequent amendments.

If passwords must be entered to access particular information or site pages, Elsag Datamat will make said passwords available to users at its discretion. Any attempt, successful or unsuccessful, to gain access to protected information is illegal and will be prosecuted by Elsag Datamat.

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