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Working with its international customers to face market challenges, Elsag Datamat offers integrated solutions to automate all aspects of postal services and manage physical and logical security:
  • Mail Processing Systems
  • Logistics Systems
  • Security & Control Systems.

These suites of products, developed to satisfy specific operating requirements, become elements in a complex technology infrastructure that makes it possible to coordinate the parallel management of physical processes (acceptance, sorting, transport, delivery) and information processes (multi-channel user access, process control, tracking & tracing, etc.).
Integrated management of the flows of physical products and the relevant data introduces a postal network paradigm that is flexible, efficient, effective, synchronised, planned and managed at various levels.
Centrally, a control room gathers, standardises and processes heterogeneous data and information from peripheral systems, in an integrated environment, in order to monitor processes, track events, manage plant diagnostics from a remote location, guarantee business continuity, and manage physical and logical security.
In the security area, the control room addresses the main challenge for postal administrations: shifting the focus of management from predominantly on physical security, to an approach based on a single national security operation & control centre that deals with security issues relating to infrastructure (sorting centres, post offices), transport, data (financial transactions, accounting data, tracking databases, large client data) and communications (postal IT applications, servers, data transmission networks)

Mail Processing Systems
Logistics Systems
Security & Control Systems

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