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Project Management

The Process Structure
Elsag Datamat believes that to achieve the best results in terms of quality and technology during product realization, all the resources involved have to share the same underlying "process technology".

The project's standard has to be general, application free and adaptable to specific contract customization.

These are some of the most significant features of our concept of Process Technology, ensuring that there is a shared and unambiguous awareness of the need for teamwork in relation to activities, responsibilities and deliverables.

Elsag Datamat's Reference Process Structure in the Postal Sector is a framework in which a complete process is broken down into a sequence of phases, each with its own scope and deliverable "product".

The Process Structure comprises the following main general phases: Start-up, Study (Requirements Definition, Feasibility), Development (Specification, Design, Build), System Integration and Testing, Delivery and Acceptance, Support.

Each phase has its own:
  • Purpose
  • Activities and deliverables
  • Responsibilities
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