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Russia - Moscow Sorting Center

The mechanization of the sorting process in the Russian Federation's postal network got underway in 2004 with the automated sorting center for the Moscow region.
Elsag Datamat was chosen by Russian Post to supply the new postal center on a turn-key basis, with the intention of improving service efficiency while reducing operating costs.
The project included the design and construction of the building, the supply of the postal automation equipment and the provision of professional services.

  • design and construction of production areas (22,700 sqm);
  • design and construction of administrative areas (4,200 sqm);
  • design and construction of outdoor areas;
  • supply of the building automation infrastructure.
Postal Automation Equipment
  • 1 CFC (Culler Facer Canceller);
  • 3 LCSM (Letter Coding and Sorting Machines) with 96 two-tier stackers;
  • 2 CFSM (Compact Flat Sorting Machines) with 298 tray outlets;
  • 1 PSM (Parcel Sorting Machine) with 300 chutes;
  • 1 SISC (Integrated Coding Services System) with OCRand videocoding facilities;
  • 1 PLS (Production and Logistic System).
Professional Services
  • reorganization of network logistics in the Moscow region;
  • reorganization of plant logistics in the Moscow center;
  • postal center operation planning;
  • postal center staffing planning;
  • training;
  • transition support from manual to automated operations;
  • technical assistance.
Daily Volumes of Mail at the Moscow Automated Sorting center
Ordinary Letters > 1,210,000
Ordinary Flats > 320,000
Ordinary Packets > 350,000
Registered Letters and Flats > 1,210,000
Registered Packets > 185,000
Parcels > 14,000

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