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Sorting Address Management system (SAM)

The Sorting Address and Management system (SAM) is the product developed by Elsag Datamat for secure and productive data management used by postal automation coding systems (address directories for OCR and VCS), sorting systems (letter, flat and parcel sorting programs) and related automation configuration data.

This system automatically solves important problems, such as the rapid creation of new sorting programs, the external consistency of sorting program sets (actual coverage of destinations that can be coded by OCR/VCS), the internal consistency of sorting program sets for each centre (coverage between outward and inward separations, and between different inward passes).

SAM is a central system: its users can operate both centrally and in the sorting centers. Users must be trained but they don’t need to be neither IT nor Postal process experts.

Key Features
Elsag Datamat SAM is characterized by the following features:
  • Easy sorting process design
  • Scalability
  • Extensibility
  • Controlled Download
  • User Groups Management
  • Data Management

The system focal point is the management of the list of destinations that each sorting center should produce for the others during operations. This list is called a Master Destination Scheme (MDS), and must be defined by Central Level.
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