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Shingled Letter Sequencer (SLS)
The highest throughput compact letter sequencer.

The Shingled Letter Sequencer is an innovative, fully automated approach to letter mail sequencing.
Based on "Shingle" Technology developed by Elsag Datamat, the SLS achieves the high sequencing capacity required for sorting centre operations in a very small footprint. These characteristics make the SLS perfectly suited for use in both Sorting Centres and Delivery Offices.
The SLS draws on 35 years of experience as a leading supplier of advanced postal solutions, featuring:
  • state of the art performance
  • wide range of mail to be mechanized
  • high reliability
  • safe ergonomic operations
  • up-to-date OS and Machine Control
  • standard interfaces to external systems
Key Features
  • High Sequencing Throughput
    Two-pass sequencing and superior speed allow the sequencing of large mail volumes quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimum Personnel Engagement
    The SLS operator is only required to load mixed mail at the start of the process and collect sequenced mail when complete.
  • Small Space Occupation
    The SLS-based process allows sequencing in half the space required for a semi-automatic process. The footprint of one SLS equipped with 30 bins is less than 10 sq m.
  • High-Quality Sequencing
    The unique level of automation reduces the incidence of human errors and delays on system productivity and allows the adoption of smart sequencing algorithms which would not be feasible in processes which rely on intermediate manual operations.
Compared to normal three pass sequencers, Elsag Datamat SLS is designed for two-pass sequencing which, when combined with automatic recirculation and full overlapping of subsequent passes, allows it to double the sequencing capacity of compact stacker-based systems. One SLS, in fact, can sequence twice the mail volume of a compact stacker-based sequencer in the same time.
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