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Innovative Diagnostic Remote Application (IDRA)

The Innovative Diagnostic Remote Application (IDRA) is the product developed by Elsag Datamat for the remote control of the Mechanized Postal Systems. Its aim is to check the systems performances, preventing critical situations through the real-time monitoring of machine states and diagnostic data.
IDRA operates over a network infrastructure linking the Central Technical Assistance LAN to the Local LAN at each Postal Site.
The application comprises a central node, I_NCM (IDRA Network Control Machine), which collects and manages all the information arriving from all Postal sites, with the support of the I_ACM node (IDRA Access Control Machine), which collects data from all the Mechanical Lines.
IDRA is based on a standard SW platform developed by a leading provider on the Network System Management market (UNICENTER TNG - Computer Associates).

Key Features

IDRA provides the following functional features:
  • SW Distribution: application software configuration and distribution management.
  • Network & System Management: management and diagnostics for nodes, networks and applications.
  • Diagnostic: postal machine diagnostics.
  • Statistics: production data management, publishing and exporting.
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Innovative Diagnostic Remote Application (IDRA)
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