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Tracking & Tracing

Elsag Datamat Tracking and Tracing system (T&T) is a modern, process-oriented solution conceived to better support clients, increase the performances quality and grow the Postal Service more effective and reliable, strengthen the loyalty of the main business clients.

Customers' expectations are fulfilled by gathering information of the items at any level of aggregation and at any step of their lifecycle; customers can also monitor the quality of service and continuously inquire the status of the items forwarded.

Furthermore, a basic feature of T&T systems is security: the route of the items is in fact carefully checked, every time a mail piece enters or leaves a post office. The tracing of items is carried out within postal operations for the purposes of improving operational information and preventing misrouting and other postal problems related to processing and handling.

The mentioned functionalities rely on a modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on remote, centralized application servers and offering considerable maintenance and ownership cost reduction.

Key Features

  • Identification
    Every item is univocally identified by a unique number. This identifier can be either a bar coded number, a bi-dimensional code or a RF_ID tag.
  • Tracing
    The uniquely identified items are scanned during the operations in the post offices as well as the bar codes and tags applied on the containers before they are dispatched to the downstream office.
  • Tracking
    A Central System collects, coordinates and supervises information coming from the above mentioned post offices. The path of each item can be followed and carefully monitored from acceptance to delivery. The T&T Peripheral Systems, located in the post offices all over the country, are connected to a local server or to remote server farm where Web/Application and Data Base Servers have been consolidated. A Central System gathers and stores all the captured traces for administration, enquiring, warehousing and reporting.
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