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Elsag datamat believes that an effective training program is essential for efficient, safe system operation.

With more than 30 years' experience developing and running training courses for postal mechanisation equipment, Elsag Datamat has a specialised group of instructors, selected both for their technical and operational competence, as well as for their ability to transfer the knowledge they possess.

At the end of the training program, attendees will themselves be able to instruct other postal personnel. This "Train-the-Trainer" approach will enable Poczta Polska, for example, to look after its own future needs in terms of personnel training.

Theory and practice

To ensure an in-depth understanding of both theoretical concepts and operating procedures, Elsag Datamat adopts a "theory and practice" approach to training methodology. The training program comprises two sessions:
  • Theoretical course
  • Training "on the job"
The practical session is intended to consolidate the subject matter taught in the theoretical course. During this session, adequate time is provided for hands-on work on the system, to build confidence with the new technology and reinforce the skills learnt in the classroom environment.

Hands-on time will be closely monitored to ensure that the correct procedures are being followed and understood as described in the course material.

Interactive methodology

Courses are designed to be interactive to achieve the following goals:
  • constant feed-back with a view to introducing training program modifications
  • constant monitoring of learning level
  • significant increase in the problem solving capabilities of resources
At the end of each topic, a question and answer session offers the opportunity to discuss and solve problems together in an open forum. This provides verification of whether the subject matter has been fully understood. Prior experience has demonstrated that this method is highly effective.
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