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Tray Material Handling

The Tray Handling System is the Elsag Datamat solution coming from the need of ensuring a constant supply to each machine or manual process. This system, in fact, allows handling mail trays, of about every size, inside the postal facility in a completely automatic way.

The introduction of the material handling of trays system allows Postal Administrations to achieve the following targets:
  • reduction of manual work
  • reduction of roll-container and forklift traffic through the facility
  • enhancement of facility-wide mail flow control, with a reduction in the time required for mail transfers and fewer mis-routing errors
  • automatic acquisition of data to track mail flows and throughput volumes inside the Postal Center
  • reduction of handling related labour costs.
Different container sizes can be handled, typically:
  • Small, for standard letters (base: 600 x 300; height: 200 mm)
  • Medium, for flats (base: 600 x 300; height: 400 mm)
  • Big, for packages, bundles of letters and mailbags (base: 600 x 600; height: 400 mm)
The main functions of the Tray Handling System are:
  • Mailbag transport:
    • from arrival area to processing facilities or nearby storage areas
    • between different processing areas
    • from processing facilities to departure area
  • Sorting with limited accumulation of containers in the various processing areas and at loading areas near vehicle departure leave for the differentgates for different destinations.
Specifically, the accumulation of containers in processing areas ensures a constant supply to each machine or manual process. Maximum queues foreseen are about 15-20 containers for each accumulation area.
Containers are sorted at "departure" areas to several outlets (typically 20 to 30). This allows the formation of homogeneous (by destination) roll containers.
Transport to processing and sorting areas is controlled by reading various types of barcode printed on labels attached to containers.
The system can also manage the point to point transport of containers without labels, in addition to transport and sorting based on information coded on RF-tags.

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