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Logistics Systems

Logistics Systems are a suite of products to manage information and mail flows across the entire postal logistics process, from multi-channel service access to delivery.

  • Postal Counter: mail acceptance system (weighing, franking, reporting, etc.). Integrated with financial applications.
  • Tracking & Tracing: mail tracking & tracing system based on a unique identifier for each mail item (bar code or RFId tag), acquires data from peripheral systems and transfers it to a centralised system.
  • Large Mailers Workstation: local acquisition workstation for large mailer shipments.
  • Hybrid Mail: comprehensive management solution for batches of hybrid mail. Covers file acquisition from large mailers (e-mail), data processing and routing, physical printing.
  • International Mail: procedure automation system for international exchange offices, manages airline accounting procedures and claims to national partners.
  • Postal Hand Held Terminal: supply of equipment and solutions to manage loading/unloading bay operations and delivery services (Last Mile Automation).
  • Production and Logistics Support system: system for the local and central supervision of sorting centres. Integrated with the production planning and control systems.
  • Measurement Systems: equipment and solutions based on RFID technology for Stock Management and the measurement of internal product flows.
  • Management Systems: solution for the real-time remote monitoring and control of machine status and diagnostic data in order to check systems' performances and prevent critical situations.
Mail Processing Systems
Logistics Systems
Postal Counter
Tracking & Tracing
Hybrid Mail System (HMS)
International Mail System
Production & Logistic System (PLS)
Mail Flow Measurement Station
Innovative Diagnostic Remote Application (IDRA)
Security & Control Systems


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