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Production and Logistic System (PLS)

The Production and Logistics Support system (PLS) is an innovative system developed by Elsag Datamat to help postal operations staff plan, monitor and control production in postal centers, as well as to manage logistics processes at both local and national level. This system connects Sorting Centers with Central Headquarters and allowing them to work together.

While mail is being processed, the PLS system collects data from the sorting machines and peripheral systems (e.g.: OCR, Tracking & Tracing, Mail Flows Measurement Stations, etc.), continuously monitoring production, tracking mail flows from one work area in the center to another and providing decision-making support for supervisors.

The availability and reliability of this kind of information is essential for both local and central management, not only for prompt cooperation to cope with unexpected problems arising, but primarily for the constant acquisition of data that can be used in the long term to refine the model representing mail flows processed by postal centers in the network. This process, in due time, makes it possible to draw up accurate long, medium and short term plans for the quantity of mail expected at every postal center and therefore to optimize the number of centers in the network and the size of the transport vehicle fleet.

Key Features

PLS is a suite of modules, based on a scalable architecture, which provide a set of tools managing the operation of the PostalCenter and Transport networks.

Its modules can be executed at network or plant level and “cooperate” through “Integration Portals” and through dedicated control rooms. The portals are also used to access external systems, such as the Production Planning System, the Network Logistics System and the Transport Management System.

The PLS infrastructure can also integrate ICS (Integrated Coding Services) functionalities to track the global number of mail pieces flowing through a country, from deposits to delivery post offices.
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